The Low Wall of Servants

Pastoral advice on finding your place in the wall

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Contributing Advisors; How to Find your Place in the Wall....

Pastor Denny Cline
Jesus Pursuit Church, Albany OR

1. We must renew covenant in love and be family at every level in the body of Christ.
2. You cannot give what you don't have or are not. So there is grace for full surrender to Jesus.
3. Humility and servant hood are two chief marks of the Bride. It must be a priority as should the gospel in the church again.

So family in covenant, full surrender, and then go serve with humility.

Pastor Matt Dunn
Hrock Church, Pasadena, CA

I have two thoughts... both from Ephesians.

Eph 2:22 it is the Holy Spirit who builds us into the wall. Eph 4:11-12, it is the activation of 5 fold ministry that 'kartartismo' or ALIGNS us in the body. Receiving the 5 fold ministry of others AND learning our own 5 fold function are both part of discovering and locating our place in the body and being connected in a healthy way to those parts around us.

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Transcript of the Low Wall Vision...


 What would your church experience be like, if every single believer consistently used their gifts to serve the people around them?

A few years ago I was in a bible study praying. My eyes were closed and in an instant I was taken away in my imagination into the forest and in my mind’s eye I see that there are large stones laying around on the forest floor.

The stones were rectangular, somewhat bigger than a bathtub. They were covered in moss and lichen and old leaves and had obviously been laying there for a long time.

In the next moment the picture changed and now the stones were stacked into a low wall as far as my eye could see.

Every stone had been cleaned off and polished and was now brilliant white and the stones perfectly fit together.

When I saw the wall, great pressure welled up in my belly and I found myself shouting in the bible study, “the wall shall be built, the wall shall be built”.

I was shouting at the top of my lungs and the pressure in my belly was so great I was pounding the floor with my hand and to me it felt like the whole house was shaking……

At the time I knew this was significant, but I didn’t know why.

Now I do.

The scattered stones covered in moss represent believers who are not yet activated in the ministry that God has called them to. While they might go to church, they are isolated and not occupying the place of ministry they were originally designed for.

The low white wall represents the church as it should be, and as it will be.

Ephesians 4:16 says the whole body is joined together into a single structure and then compacted so snugly that there are no gaps, and that this formation is a result of every believer doing their part.

The low wall is a wall of servants.

It begins here in the house of God then stretches out into the world where we use our gifts to serve them.

This is the church grown up and mature. This is us becoming spiritual moms and dads to the many, laying down our lives in self-sacrifice, so that they might live.

As we prepare for the coming great harvest and the influx of a billion souls into the church it is imperative that everyone of us find our place in the wall.

We’ve been good sons and daughters, now let us be great moms and dads, because harvest is coming!

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