About Benny and Carmen...

benny-and-carmen_celebrate_everythingBenny and Carmen are happy Canadians. Happy, because they now live in sunny Los Angeles, go to a great church and have good friends whom they love, and who love them.

They were both rescued by the Lord Jesus from a life of religious hypocrisy and deliberate sin.

Benny and Carmen now serve others through worship, teaching and financial giving, and any other way that they can think of.

Benny was born again in 1983. He was a drug dealer at 13, convicted thief at 14, and a runaway at 15. When he got saved, he was 19 and homeless , living in a patch of trees beside the highway. He heard an audible voice say "You need Jesus". Benny knew the voice was asking him to surrender control of his life to Jesus. Sometimes failing and always imperfect, since that day he has done his best to heed the call follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This has resulted in many miracles, including financial outpourings which allowed him to get off the streets, pay cash for his first house and provide finances for hundreds of ministries.

Benny has developed keynote talks and a teaching series to help Christian entrepreneurs fulfill their destiny. He has been a keynote speaker at Simon Fraser and Trinity Western Universities as well as several Christian conferences on the topic of business. Benny's vision is to personally finance a thousand ministries, as the Lord provides.

Carmen was saved when she was six years old while riding in the back seat of her mom's VW Beetle. She has had a lifetime of encounters while walking with the Lord, although in her early years, she didn't walk as closely as she would have liked. When she was in grade 11, Carmen was in rebellion. A visiting evangelist called her out of the crowd and predicted her music would break chains off people. That word of encouragement turned her around. The evangelist saw that Carmen has a unique gift for hearing God's heart while she sings and plays piano and she has been known to sing spontaneously over individuals with prayer and words of encouragement.

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